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Valia Tamvaki: Epic poems

I do not know who is going to read this text and in return the reader probably does not know me either. However, I think I would like to bridge this gap.  I have been involved with ZID since Karolina started directing Odyssey until now, with FATE project. I am not sure how familiar people outside Greece are with the epic poem of Odyssey, but since I am from Greece, I would like to share some information about it. This epic poem was composed before even the Greek language was formed and passed on different generations through storytelling and songs. It follows the previous work of Homer, named Iliada which focuses on the war against Troy. Odyssey describes the long journey of coming back home to Ithaca (20 years). In both epic poems the cruelty of war is exposed. Gods are deeply involved in the story, making things complicated for the hero, who has limited power over his own fate.  A vital concept of the Greek culture is present in Odyssey: Philoxenia. Philoxenia means hospitality and t